Scourge Beneath the City

Riding Hippogriffs in our Dreams

And Saving Babies, of course!

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote but we’ve been on some crazy adventures and yesterday we got to ride a hippogriffs! Can you believe it? More on that soon enough.

So yeah – somehow we ended up in this alternate reality where goodness and righteousness and day-long prayer are utterly useless and magic prevails. In an untimely development, just as we’ve entered this alternate reality of magic and mystery, Allara came down with a bug and has been practically useless. She couldn’t even produce her tensor disc of hauling booty to get us off the weird floating island.

After we ported through to this weird floating disc, we spent time exploring the place. We found that some of the rocks themselves actually levitate and if we dug enough soil out, we could probably make the whole island fly even higher. From what we can tell the nearest island is over a 1/2 mile away. Jeez – really missing that tensor disc right now. We contemplated all kinds of ways to get us onto another island since our beacon points the way out of here — sail, wind, mechanical — even gas-driven propulsion ala beans and beer. Desperately fearing the negative olfactory side effects of this idea, we decided to explore even further afield.

We didn’t run into any other people but did hear lots of birds and other flying creatures. We heard a great commotion further inland from the island’s edge and we followed the sound, hoping we’d befriend a colony of humans who could help us off their island.

What we saw when we rounded the corner and peaked through the trees ahead went beyond our wildest expectations. We saw a group of 20 Hippogriffs! I’ve done my best to sketch them out for my diary (thanks! They were amazing! Beautiful and powerful and really confusing all at once – I swear they barely understood Common at all.hippgriff.jpeg

They were all watching several adolescents in a spirited game of wrestling – using nearby trees as a makeshift ring, they practiced their battle skills for the glory of being declared victor — at least for the afternoon. Older creatures watched the game holding back the young Griffs who begged to join their older brothers and sisters in the ring. They were adorable. So cute they should have been named Totes Magoats. Seriously. Here’s an attempt to capture their innocence (thanks

After spending several minutes watching the powerful teenage creatures carry on in heated battle, we approached the elders in the group. Immediately the games ceased, like someone turned off the record player at a honky tonk bar. Some of the male Griffs took a threatening stance to let us know they were watching us. Using our nature and language skills, we attempted to communicate with the elders in the flock but they didn’t seem to understand our request for help getting off the island.

Instead one of the young Griffs led us to what appeared to be an abandoned humanoid village. Signs of pillage and death were strong but it was quickly getting dark and we needed shelter, so we plopped our bedding down for the night while Allara and Neva held watch over our group of slumbering warriors.

I swear I had barely closed my eyes when I heard an ungodly screeching coming from the direction of our Hippogriff friends. We poured out of our humble shelters to catch a glimpse of wings, feathers, and remains of adult Hippogriffs along with (gasp) baby Griffs in the claws of what we thought were Aarakocra. Hand-to-hand combat later confirmed this to be the case.aarakocra.jpg

As the adult Hippogriffs approached at a swift pace, we jumped up and down – letting them know we were thirsty for battle and willing to help them rescue their young. We definitely have a thing for saving the children and after the kindness they’d attempted to show us – we wanted to help. Besides, no good deed goes unrewarded – maybe they could finally get us off this bloody island.

They slowed down just long enough for us to jump on-board the beautiful beasts and dreams came true. The Griffs led us to the lair of the Aarakocra. Fearful for the lives of the babies, two of their brave warriors charged ahead into the lair while a few others stayed behind to engage the guards. With them distracted, we charged into the lair not knowing what lay before us. After much heroics and slaughter, our band of merry misfits managed to heal the Griff warriors saving them from certain death at the hand of levitating crossbow firing squads. After all the Aarakocra had been dispensed with and the lair was carefully gutted of booty (propellant boots (2), elixir of levitation (8), and an Ebon Fly) we led the baby Griffs out into the light meeting those who’d been battling the guards. The Griffs returned to their village, dropping us off where Niva and Allara had been waiting for our return.

Grateful for our assistance, one of the village elder Griffs began trying to communicate with us one more time. Gesturing wildly with his wings, he carefully drew an image in the sand , he let us know that he would be able to take us off this island and to our next destination — just as soon as Cragsbeard had played with the Hippogriff children and we’d all spent a full night peacefully resting while dreams of sugarplum Hippogriffs danced in our heads.



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