Scourge Beneath the City

3rd Encounter March 10

After resting and spending our treasure on new items at the Balekeep marketplace we headed back below the city to the area that looked like a giant old arena or training area. We decided to follow the ramp that led down and found a room with a podium and a symbol on the floor that had two concentric circles surrounding a triangle with an inverted triangle within it. We recognized this as a summoning circle and could tell that something had recently been summoned. The center of the circle and part of the podium were made out of bronze which was similar to the bronze armor we found on the dwarf in the panic room above. The rooms off the main chamber included a prison cell, a general storage room where we found 65 gp , an armory with stinkpots, and a bed chamber. In the bed chamber we found two human babies and half elf baby in a cage. There was evidence a woman had recently been in the room and there were books in a language we could not read but recognized as an evil under dark language. We decided to take the children and the books back to the Temple of the Cleric. On the way through the training area we encountered three Kobol which we quickly took down. When we reached Torque he called the elders to summon the parents to pick up their children. Torque was interested in the three under dark books we brought to him. He said that they contained evil elemental style spells and information on the history of portals between worlds but we would need to find someone else to read them for us. He also did not recognize the symbol we found. He recommended inquiring at the wizard school in town. He told us that the wizard school is a research school made up of the most powerful wizards, mainly human and elven, and there are only three ways to become a member, be born into the privilege, challenge one of the existing wizards and kill them in order to take their place, or be admitted to the scholarship program by a show of powers that catches the attention of the mages. He sent a runner to the wizard school in town who returned with news that we had been granted permission to meet with someone at the school. We entered through the servant’s quarters to a receiving area where we met a 500 year old priest who asked us how we had obtained these books. After learning of our adventure he told us not to return and would not explain why. The only thing he would say was that it was designed to open a portal to a new dimension and that it would be very difficult to open taking a huge amount of sacrifice such as the use of one’s own blood to achieve. The priest said that the school would find a way to get to the chamber using other means that would take four days so that they could destroy it. We thanked the priest for his time but told him we were concerned about the children and planned to go back below the city in search of them but would avoid the chamber. He respected our decision and we departed.
This time we headed up through the hatchway in the ceiling and found a library with a big century old desk, which is an odd luxury item for this place. There were no books and we could tell it was not dwarven or elven. When we headed out of the library we found a room with two shallow pools that may have been platforms at one time. The room was dark and dirty with stones scattered about that had fallen from the ceiling. After disturbing one of the pools we encountered and killed four Kobol. Within the pool we found +1 mithril full plate, +1 large shield, raise undead, 700 platinum, +1 poisoned melee whip, and +1 spear. We decided to head back to the surface to sell all of the items we found and spend our share of the loot (2764 gp) in addition to advancing our characters to the next level after earning 784 experience.



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