Scourge Beneath the City

2nd encounter, demons on a lakeside treasure retreat

After speaking with Torque, the town’s sage Dwarf, we were allowed to look through the temple’s library. In which we found:

- A sexy romance novel

- A mythology of the land in Giant. An evil elemental was sent to the elemental plane after a long battle. Upon his expulsion, the mountains exploded, it rained magma and the landscape was forever changed.

- A dwarven mythology saying nearly the same, except that after the elemental was banished the Orcs and Giants were destroying the lands and a war started in which the dwarves won.

- A draconic mythology that stated nearly the same, but added that all of the most mighty mages in the land came together to banish the titan elemental, who could not be killed, including Amark, who is most loved and revered. He is most known for creating the cloak of eyes and many other magical items that allowed mages to be as strong and powerful as any fighter. Allara knew of Amark and filled the party in. Amark was so powerful by the time it came for him to die, his powers just shifted forms and he became part of the plane of arcana.

- A map of some underground areas that looked familiar. When shown to Torque, he pointed out that one of the spaces was the sanctuary that we were standing in. He also pointed out that the map was marked with dark dwarf who worship Abbathor (the god of greed) symbols that pointed to a trap door hidden by a statue in the sanctuary.

Torque was quite upset about a dark dwarf presence in the area. We vowed to get to the bottom of things.

The party went down the well carved rock ladder on the wall of the deep hole that was found beneath the statue. The opportunity to exit on the same floor as the kobold party was passed up and we journeyed to the 3rd floor (and final) down which contained abandoned treasure rooms, demons, but no lingerie or home goods. There was an underground river and lake and upon the banks 2 demons were summering, we killed the lazy bastards and found a protected ancient nook in the treasure rooms that contained a box with 2 astral diamonds (100p ea), 1 scroll of protection (50g), and an small trap that Tryn easily thwarted.

We also encountered a sort of meeting room marked with the dark dwarf symbols on the walls. Behind one, we found a dead dark dwarf priest of sorts who had used the “panic room” a little too long and likely suffocated. We stole his crumbling copper armor.

The options for moving on were – back the way we came, a ramp down the SE side of the cavern, or a different hidden passageway down that we found that looked very similar to the one we came down from the surface level on. We chose the handicap entrance on the SE side.

This led us to what looked like a giant old arena or training area made up of raised wooden platform covered in hide. We found old shackles and lots of blood, but no more than that and moved on down the hall. At the end we were greeted by a bunch of blobs and an undead dude. We almost died, but finally won and found +1 short sword, box of 749 gp, +1 quarterstaff, and leather armor.

We ignored the exit on the other side of the room and decided to head back to the surface for some swag buying with our booty of astral diamonds and gold.



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